CHOCOLATS JANIN. Les chocolats JANIN, sont issus des meilleures fêves et préparés artisanalement avec le plus grand soin, par le maître artisan Jean-Claude Janin et son équipe à Boissy St leger. version françaisechocolats Janin France


Nos chocolatsContacter la cholaterie Janin.

48, rue de la procession.
94470. Boissy-St-Leger
- Tel : 01 45 99 26 39

Fax : 01 56 32 08 59

CHOCOLATS JANIN 48, rue de la procession. 94470 Boissy-St-Leger
- Tel : 01 45 99 26 39 . Fax : 01 56 32 08 59


THE HISTORY of CHOCOLATE goes back to Amerindian previous history The chocolate was discovered by the Spaniards in 1519 when Herman Cortes, landing in Mexico, was offered as a welcome's present the favourite local drink: " Tchocolatl ". Chocolate was consumed by the Aztecs under shape of porridge of cocoa mixed with the flour of corn or in beverage perfumed with honey, with cinnamon or with other different spices. Already cultivated by the Mayas which used beans as a currency of exchange as well as for the payment of the taxes, the Spaniards had the idea to incorporate cane sugar into the cocoa.

 They introduced it in Spain in 1528 then developed quickly its culture in the tropical countries of Central America and the South, and in the Caribbean islands. Spain guarded the monopoly of its import and its manufacture until XVII century, from that time on the Dutch also started to imported chocolate and to make it famous in Germany and in England. Chocolate was introduced in France in 1615 by Spaniards who created in Bayonne the first workshops of cocoa, but it got really known only after the marriage of Marie-Thérèse's from Austria and Louis XIV, in 1660. Popular in Spain, the cocoa was left for a long time in France to the exclusive use of the Court and the aristocracy. It is maybe the reason for which the French chocolate stayed a noble product, with a high content of cocoa, what makes its price but also its quality. It is only at the beginning of XIX-th century, with the development of new techniques, that the chocolate knew a very big industrial development, its gustative qualities and its virtues make it very appreciated dish and drink. Simultaneously, the cacao tree was introduced in Africa by the Portugueses and the Spaniards, and in Southeast Asia by the Dutch.

And it is only the end of XX-th century, by the work and the talent of our Artisans, that the Chocolate revealed all its savour and its character to become a pleasure shared with the biggest number.

It is in his factory of Boissy-Saint's - Leger ( 94 ), where his young and dynamic team watches to respect Art and Tradition, where the Boss chocolate maker, Stéphane JANIN, who has just taken the succession of his father, will not stop surprising us pleasantly with his delicious chocolates in the authentic and sophisticated taste.

The JANIN chocolate factory is one of the last 12 small chocolate factories existing in France. If today, the "big" of the chocolate meet themselves in multinational groups, the Great masters Artisans of the chocolate make, themselves, more and more rare.

Indeed, it is not today, a secret for anybody, connoisseurs or novices, if chocolate JANIN is a reference since nearly half a century, they owe it especially to your Artisan chocolate maker and his team, who knew how to, in the course of the years of experience preserve in the cocoa the particular and natural savour.

OUR SPECIALITIES *Our specialites

Chocolate JANIN, comes from the best beans and are prepared hand-crafted with the biggest care, by the boss artisan Janin and his team.

Our pralines: Bonbons, cliffs...

Our truffles: subtle mixture of cream and pure chocolate.

Our assortments: 15 variety of dark, milk or white chocolates

Companies, work councils, communities, for your presents of the end of year we shall propose you boxes adapted to your necessities and advantageous prices.
Consult us <> for an estimate.

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CHOCOLATS JANIN, chocolaterie artisanale, CHOCOLATIERS à BOISSY St LEGER (94). Artisans chocolatiers depuis 1950. Expédition sur toute la France et l'EuropeContacter la CHOCOLATERIE JANIN.